Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast (M-W-F Class)

We ate our delicious Thanksgiving Feast on placemats we made ourselves! I have never seen kids eat so much! They had so much fun sharing all their snacks. We also read a book called Thank You Thanksgiving and talked about the things we are thankful for. Here are what these cuties said:

Collin is thankful for His Family

Madison is thankful for Cleaning Her Room

Allie is thankful for her Mom and Jesus

Reese is thankful for Her Family

Emma is thankful for Heavenly Father and Jesus

Deborah is thankful for Her Family

Hayden is thankful for Friends

Macie is thankful for Christmas

Ellie is thankful for Family and Friends

Kate is thankful for Everything

Miss Crystal is thankful for such Awesome Kids in Her Preschool Classes

Thanksgiving Feast (T-Th Class)

We had so much fun at our Thanksgiving Feast! We shared all the yummy treats that the kids brought while we had a picnic on the floor. We read a book called Thank You Thanksgiving And talked about what we are thankful for. Here is what these darling little ones told me:

Madeline is thankful for Trees

Porter is thankful for Animals

James is thankful for Grandpa

Breana is thankful for Cookies

Kate is thankful for her Bedroom

Maren is thankful for Grandma

Cohen is thankful for Playing In The Leaves

Gavin is thankful for His Dad

Miss Crystal is thankful that I have such cute kids in my preschool classes!

November Kids Kitchen (M-W-F Class)

This month in Kid's Kitchen we made Oreo Cookie Turkeys and Marshmellow Pilgrim Hats.

Before the fun even began, Miss Crystal got to fell like a junk food junkie at the store when she bought only the following items in a transaction:

Double Stuff Oreos
White, Yellow & Orange Frosting
Orange Candy Slices
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Jumbo Marshmellows
Chocolate Chips
Fudge Stripe Cookies

I got some seriously funny looks from the people in the grocery store! I promise that in December we will cook something with absolutely NOOOOO SUGAR! Despite the sugar-high, we had a great time! Thanks to Madison's mom Bre for helping out in our class that day! The kids love her and even told me later that she is much better as circling their "Best Work" than I am. Apparently she is better at drawing smiley faces... Miss Crystal promises to work on that...

November Fieldtrip (M-W-F Class)

In November we spent a week learning about our Five Senses. What better place to put what we learned to the test than at COLDSTONE CREAMERY!!!

We got to go on a short tour of the ice cream shop. We squished a bag of ice-cream mix and learned that Cold Stone makes their ice cream out of 12% milk (my poor family who always drinks skim...). We even got to go behind the counter and see the stone where they mix the ice cream. I think that every kid's favorite part was where they got to pick out their favorite flavor of ice cream and a mix-in, and of course eat it! I loved watching the excitement on these little one's faces. It puts a new meaning to "Kids in a Candy Shop"...

Friday, October 30, 2009

October Fieldtrip: Linder Farms (M/W/F Class)

PUMPKIN PATCH! It was a PERFECT day for a trip to the pumpkin patch! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day:

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I really don't like cold weather AT ALL! But, I must say that I love all of the fun kid and family activities that happen throughout the fall and winter. Halloween just kicks off a season of fun holidays! We had so much fun in our preschool classes this week with our halloween parties. Some of my favorite activities:

  • In the M/W/F Class we played "BOO". This is a fun version of "Hot & Cold". We hid a spooky spider in the class room and then the kids took turns looking for it. The rest of us would BOOOOO like a ghost to guide their way. The closer the child got to the spider the louder all of the ghosts had to BOOOO!

  • In the T/TH Class we danced to music that matched each costume. We danced like princesses to "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty because we had a lot of princesses (Maren, Kate, Breana & Reese) and we had a beautiful bride (Madeline). We flew around like Superman and superheroes to the Spiderman song because Gavin came as Superman. We danced crazy to Scooby Doo because Porter was dressed up like the crazy cartoon dog. We pretended to drive a car to some car sounds because Gavin was dressed up like Bumblebee the Transformer. We pretended to be monsters to "Monster Mash" because James was a pirate.

T/TH Class
M/W/F Class

October Kids Kitchen Day (M/W/F Class)

If you know me even a little bit you know that I LOVE to cook! So, thanks to all your kids for indulging my love of all things related to my kitchen! In October we had a spooky Halloween-themed kids kitchen. We made "Spiders" and "Spooky Chips".

Spooky Chips

Step 1
Use your favorite Halloween Cookie Cutters to cut shapes from flour tortillas. Place on a cookie sheet and spray with cooking spray.

Step 2
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Bake the chips until they start to brown. Let cool completely. They will crisp up as they cool.

Step 3
Once the chips are cool, serve with “vampire blood” (salsa) or “ghost slime” (Ranch dip)

Variation: sprinkle with cinnamon sugar before baking for a sweet and crispy treat.


Step 1
Gently insert 8 pretzel sticks into a Ding Dong (4 on each side)

Step 2
Attach chocolate candies as eyes to the Ding Dong using frosting.

Step 3